ETSL is a private company founded in London in 1998. The company specialises in building software for financial markets.

ETSxl, the primary application, is a trading system for electronic futures markets. ETSxl contains a series of proprietary tools, which monitor market activity constantly to assess the quality of market prices, and the feasibility and likelihood of executing specific orders. It is designed to take controlled risks that can be adjusted according to the profile and risk appetite of each customer.

ETSxl can cope with the multiplicity of contract maturity dates as well as the complexity of trading structures. The current portfolio of trading models includes outright orders, calendar spreads (with any maturities and any ratios, price or yield based), inter-product spreads, butterflies, Condors and other combinations of spreads, strips, packs and OCO (alternate) orders

The system has the ability to work improvements in any or all of these. (The same as "an order with a tick" on an open outcry exchange)

The system has a link to LIFFE, Eurex, CBOT and CME. It has been written to allow a high degree of flexibility to respond rapidly to market changes and new product requirements.

ETSxl is not generally available but traders can access the full functionality of the system through designated futures brokerage operations in London.

For further information please contact Andrew Haddleton.